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March 01, 2015
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Teamsters Joint Council 41- News Release Ohio D.R.I.V.E. Endorsements (Cuyahoag County) November, 2012 Election
Posted On: Oct 03, 2012


                              November, 2012 Election    CUYAHOGA COUNTY

                           THIS TIME VOTE "YES" ON ISSUE 2

U.S. President/Vice President

Barack Obama/Joe Biden


Sherrod Brown (D)

U.S. Representatives to Congress

Marcy Kaptur (D) - 9th District

Marcia Fudge (D) - 11th District

Betty Sutton (D) - 16th District

Ohio Supreme Court

Mike Skindell (D)

William O’Neill (D)

Yvette McGee Brown (D)

State Senate - 24th District

Thomas Patton (R)

State Representatives

Anthony Fossaceca (D) - 6th District

Matt Patten (D) - 7th District

Armond Budish (D) - 8th District

Barbara Boyd (D) - 9th District

Bill Patmon (D) - 10th District

Sandra Williams (D) - 11th District

John Barnes, Jr. (D) - 12th District

Nickie Antonio (D) - 13th District

Mike Foley (D) - 14th District

Nicholas Celebrezze (D)- 15th District

Andrew Meyer (D) - 16th District

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor

Timothy McGinty (D)

Cuyahoga County Council

Dale Miller (D) - County Council District 2

Chuck Germana (D) - County Council District 4

Pernel Jones, Jr. (D) - County Council District 8

Julian Rogers (D) - County Council District 10

Ohio Court of Appeals

Frank Celebrezze, Jr. (D) - 8th Appellate District

Tim McCormack (D) - 8th Appellate District

Eileen Gallagher (D) - 8th Appellate District

Mary Boyle (D) - 8th Appellate District


Janet Burnside - (D)

Carolyn Friedland - (D)

Stuart Friedman - (D)

Steve Gall - (D)

Daniel Gaul - (D)

Michael Jackson - (D)

Timothy McCormick - (D)

John O’Donnell - (D)

Colleen Reali - (D)

Joseph Russo - (D)

Shirley Strickland Saffold - (D)

John Sutula - (D)

Joan Synenberg - (R)

Dean Van Dress - (D)

Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas -(JUVENILE DIVISION)

Frankie Goldberg - (D)

Alison Floyd - (D)

Thomas O’Malley - (D)

Michael Ryan - (D)

State Board of Education

Rich Javorek - 5th District

Mary Rose Oakar - 11th District

City of Brook Park Charter Review Commission

Raymond Barr, III

Kari Basiewicz

Timothy Chornak

Anthony D’Amico

Terry Gardner

Dennis Patten

Richard Scott


Teamsters Joint Council 41 News Release Ohio DRIVE Endorsements for Cuyahoga County November 2012 Election.pdf

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Current Campaigns
  • This web page provides information on our fight against fast-track legislation. The measure requires Congress to take only a quick up-or-down vote on secret trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and does not allow such agreements to be amended. It limits Congress’ constitutionally mandated oversight of such trade deals and lets others decide what’s best for America. The result is fewer good-paying U.S. jobs and unsafe food and products for Americans. Read more to find out why fast track is the wrong track for Teamsters and America.

  • First Student employees’ collective bargaining agreement with the company, which covers more than 21,000 workers, expires on March 31, 2015. Employees at First Student made history when they voted overwhelmingly to ratify a national master agreement on June 1, 2011, and it is time to renegotiate that agreement. Turn to this page to get the latest contract news and updates. The first round of negotiations is scheduled for January 27-28, 2015. The national contract expires March 31, 2015.

  • At the Hunt’s Point Produce Terminal in the Bronx, 1,300 members of Teamsters Local 202 have been working under harsh conditions without a raise several times since the recession. They are asking management for a fair wage – a pay hike of $25 a week. Management is refusing and the workers voted to authorize a strike at 4 p.m. on Jan 18. The workers who feed New York should be able to feed their families.

  • Teamsters are standing together to protect good jobs as Sysco, the country’s largest foodservice provider, attempts to purchase its only national competitor, US Foods. Join our campaign to demand that Sysco and US Foods honor their agreements with 11,500 Teamsters and protect the livelihoods of the men and women who make these companies leaders in the industry. LIKE our Facebook page, here.

  • Taylor Farms workers in Tracy, California are standing up against poverty wages, disrespect and severe violations of their most basic rights. These 900 food processing workers in the Central Valley cut, wash and package salads and other products for the largest supplier of fresh-cut produce in the country. They feed the customers of major grocers, retailers and restaurant chains, including Walmart and McDonald’s.

    With a revenue of $1.8 billion in 2012, Taylor Farms can afford to treat its workers in Tracy with dignity and pay fair wages, just like their Teamster coworkers have at Taylor Farms’ facilities in Salinas, California. But when workers came together to organize with Teamsters Local 601, the company responded mercilessly. It fired, harassed, and punished workers for supporting the union. The company threatened immigrant workers with deportation, hiring an army of union-busters to run a non-stop fear campaign. During an NLRB election for union representation, Taylor Farms deployed a goon squad of supervisors to intimidate workers. The company’s violations were so egregious that the Labor Board impounded ballots while it investigates hundreds of Unfair Labor Practice charges.

    Workers in Tracy, following in the footsteps of labor leader and civil rights icon Cesar Chavez, are taking their fight to the public. The workers’ struggle for a better life for their families is supported by Teamsters in California and nationwide. We are building a movement for respect for the workers who feed America.

    ¡Si Se Puede!

  • Taxi drivers in Washington, D.C. are fed up!

    After years of unfair regulations and lack of respect, we are fighting back by forming the Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association. Our association will be backed by Teamsters Local 922 and the 1.4 million-member International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

  • The Teamsters have stood in solidarity with worker struggles in other countries since our founding. With economic globalization, our ability to organize increasingly depends on our ability to build alliances with workers on a global scale.
    More than ever, Teamsters are organizing and bargaining with multi-national companies. A key objective of our Global Strategies Campaign is to build strong alliances with unions around the globe who organize and bargain with common employers. Our focus is on workers in the emerging global supply chains – the infrastructure of globalization.
    Globalization creates new opportunities for international worker solidarity. We seek common cause with workers around the world to build social justice for all workers and the communities in which they live.

  • Teamsters at Republic Services/Allied Waste have stood together in recent years to fight for strong contracts, including going on strike and supporting their fellow striking workers. Workers continue to fight for strong contracts that include retirement security at the second largest solid waste company. This campaign page is dedicated to those ongoing efforts.

  • Welcome to Teamster Organizing!

    You've heard it said that the best defense is a good offense. In the war on workers, Teamster Organizing is on the offensive! We're winning power for workers across industries and across North America. Join us!

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